Volkswagen on-board network development system

From designing the system schematic plan to developing the wiring harness  to installing the wiring harnesses in the virtual vehicle to documenting the complete in a wiring harness drawing.
The solution focuses on product development based on consistent data by linking the electrical with the mechanical domain in vehicle construction. This solution also allows integrating different development partners at any location into the development process.

Electrical Harness Engineering Tool Set

The VOBES (Volkswagen on-board network development system) tools are used in the following processes of on-board network development:
  • Provisioning of part libraries containing all elements of the mechanical domain,
  • Fitting and installing of the wiring harnesses in the virtual vehicle (ELV),
  • Combination of the electro-logical and mechanical data in the wiring harness drawing (ELZ).

Integration of standard products

The above mentioned standard products have been adapted and expanded to the specific requirements of the development processes performed at the Volkswagen AG.

Current Software Versions

This section contains a list of the current software versions.
ToolVersionDetails and Downloads
VWG Elena3.0.1see GRCLite Electic Package
EE-Toolbar-EE-Toolbar see GRCLite Electic Package
LDorado Userware1.7.1279LDorado
LDorado Base Software (LDorado Design)2021.1-SP5
LDorado Database Manager


The VOBES tools and the relevant components are only available to our registered customers. Please contact Service and Support, if you require access to the download. The available downloads are accessed via the respective tool page.


The necessary part libraries and project structures are within the responsibility of the Volkswagen AG. This data is exclusively provided to the development partners via the KVS system. 
ToolPart Number / Archive
CATIA V5TAB.005.001
VOBES LDoradoTAB.032.101
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This service is subject to an existing maintenance contract for the VOBES tools.
For issuses regarding the tools, please contact one of the following addresses.
Please use the tool name as your query keyword or in the subject line, e.g., "VOBES ELENA" or "Automotive".
Telephone: +49 800 723 63 64-221
E-Mail: servicesupport.center@t-systems.com
Installation support for the VOBES tools is only available to system administrators.
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Terms of use

Terms of use and EULA for the respective tool context.
2 Items
Name Description Date Version Size
Terms and Conditions
General terms and conditions for the provision of maintenance services and licensing of VOBES software modules (“VOBES-Suites”)
Oct 21, 2009 126 KB Terms and Conditions
End-User-License-Agreement SIEMENS (English)
Dec 2, 2020 188 KB EULA - SIEMENS