ELENA Product Description

The VOBES Electrical Engineering Application (ELENA) is a proprietary development of the Volkswagen AG. This software tool is used to merge and further process the information from the electrical and mechanical domain with in the on-board network development.
This tool consists of ELENA, a standalone application, and VWGElena, a CAA application for the CATIA V5 standard software. The two components implement the requirements of the Volkswagen AG in this domain of the on-board network development.
ELENA is used to merge the electro-logical and geometric data of wiring harnesses. The electro-logical data are taken from the cable wiring plan (KAB). The geometric data are taken from the harness installation within CATIA V5 (ELV); see EE Toolbar. Transferring the harness installation data with all corresponding attachment parts as well as the synchronization with the electro-logical data is performed by using the VWGElena application.
The ELENA software tool is used, among others, for linking the electrical and topological information (routing), assigning modules and derivatives, and supporting the definition of assemblies.
The activities with the VOBES ELENA tool results in the cable harness list (KBL). This list follows recommendation 4964 of the “Cable harness list” VDA and complies with the cable harness list schema of version 2.3 SR1 or 2.4 SR1. 

Additional Information

For more information please see the tool documentation. The necessary libraries and project structures are the responsibility of the Volkswagen AG. Please ask your Volkswagen AG project owner or contact for access to this information.

  • Windows10 Professional 64 Bit
  • JRE 1.8.xx