EE-Toolbar Product Description

The VOBES EE Toolbar (VWGEEApplication) tool is based on the CATIA V5 standard software by Dassault Systemes and is a collection of CAA applications for the laying of wiring harnesses in the mechanical domain of vehicle construction. This collection implements the requirements of Volkswagen AG in terms of on-board network development.
The EE Toolbar tool supports the installation of the electric wiring harness in the virtual vehicle. This includes functionalities for creating the product structure, checking for conventions, creating splices as well as checking electro-logical and geometric links. The activities within the VOBES EE Toolbar tool result in the installation of the electric wiring harness.
List of functions
TopoCheck  checking for conventions, checking electro-logical and geometric links
RouteLengthmeasure length of wires
DMUDef  DMU definition
DMUConfig AllCAT part creation
NameConflictcheck conflicts within the ZSB

Additional information

For more information please see the tool documentation. The necessary part libraries and project structures are the responsibility of the Volkswagen AG.  Please ask your Volkswagen AG project owner or contact in order to gain access to this information.  The VOBES EE-Toolbar is part of the VW Electric Package with the VWGRCLite CATIA environment for development partners.

  • VW GCRLite
  • VW Electric Package