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NEW at ServiceNet - our VWGRCLite Online Help
Jun 22, 2020
We have extended our service offer for you. You can reach our new VWGRCLite Online Help at our ServiceNet under the following link: https://vwgroup.t-systems.com/help In case of problems and questions, you can search for solutions and answers in the VWGRCLite Online Help. You can research on the following topics:Licenses, orders, ... more...
New BoM2KSL package version available
Jun 22, 2020
For VWGRCLite the new BoM2KSL package (version is available at the ServiceNet since 06/22/2020. More details on changes can be found in the BoM2KSL Release Notes. General: The VWGRCLite Web-Installer must be used to download the packages. Optionally, the Web-Installer can also assist you with the installation, ... more...
New Web-Installer version 1.0.2
Jun 2, 2020
The new Web-Installer version 1.0.2 is available at the ServiceNet. Always use the latest Web-Installer version for the VWGRCLite. For details on changes, please see the Web-Installer Release Notes. The Web-Installer download for software and documentation can be found at https://vwgroup.t-systems.com/webinstaller (English) ... more...
DoLittle Server maintenance
May 7, 2020
On May 15th, 2020 a downtime from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. is planned due to maintenance work on the DoLittle server. DoLittle will not be available during this period. more...
Change of the VWGRCLite requirement for Microsoft WIN 10
May 5, 2020
Due to the different Microsoft Lifecycle Policy for the WIN 10 editions, the use of WIN 10 Enterprise is recommended for the VWGRCLite. Based on a specific WIN 10 version the VWGRCLite is released. The WIN 10 approval for the VWGRCLite is also subject to changes resulting from the Volkswagen internal WIN 10 deployment.  The currently released ... more...