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Discontinuing V4 applications
Feb 1, 2014
The licenses for the CATIA V4 CA applications GII Base Package, GII Weld Points and Validat V4 will only be provided with the end date December 31, 2014. Beginning on December 1, 2014, V4 licenses will not be provided anymore. From January 1, 2015 the CATIA V4 CA applications will not be provided on the T-Systems ServiceNet anymore. more...
Validity of the Validat V5 version
Dec 9, 2013
With the GRC 4.5.0 (on December 9, 2013), the Validat V5 version 2.6.x is used for production. The Validat V5 version 2.5.x is further allowed for a transition period up to February 14, 2014 and will be set invalid afterwards. more...
GRC 4.5.0 and VWGRCLite released at Volkswagen
Nov 27, 2013
The Volkswagen CAD System Management has released the Volkswagen Group Reference CATIA (GRC) 4.5.0. On December 9th 2013 VOLKSWAGEN gradually started the internal rollout of the GRC 4.5.0. With the GRC 4.5.0 also the VWGRCLite has been released for use by the development partners. Hint: The ServiceNet provides only the latest release ... more...
CATIA V4 Sundown
May 18, 2012
With the GRC 4.1.0 in May 2010 Volkswagen internally provided a CATIA V4 release with version 4.2.5 SP19 for the last time. The necessary software for the CATIA V4 environment is available at the known VWGroupSupply site. The ServicePack 19 will be provided at: more...