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DoLittle available. Important: change of authorization
Jun 23, 2021
The new DoLittle version package is available. The package can be downloaded and installed using the Web-Installer. For companies with DoLittle users, a timely update to DoLittle is recommended. Important: There will be a new authorization process for the DoLittle VWGRCLite application. You have already been informed about ... more...
Skoda Electric package available
Jun 22, 2021
The new Skoda electric package version is available. The package can be downloaded by using the Web-Installer. It contains the CATIA settings fix and replaces the workaround (see NEWS from May 26,2021). more...
New VWGRCLite Base package (Version available
Jun 11, 2021
A new VWGRCLite Base package (version is available. The new base package contains a correction (VW-ID 36129) for the VALIDAT profile VWG_DMU_ELX.xml, which is used for electrical/VOBES projects. For the electrical/VOBES projects an immediate installation is recommended. All other projects should perform the update as soon as ... more...
Fix for Skoda electric CATIA settings available
May 26, 2021
Due to a critical error, an extra package (7z) with corrected CATIA settings is available for the Skoda electric package (version See download: https://vwgroup.t-systems.com/downloads/vwgrclite/vwgrclite-base/brand-skoda/brand-skoda-578984 Please replace the old settings in the "catv5settings" directory with the new ones. In ... more...
Important Information about VWGRCLite Rollout
May 7, 2021
Volkswagen will switch to the Group Reference CATIA (GRC) With the GRC, the VWGRCLite is also released for use by the engineering partner. The Volkswagen internal use of the GRC begins on Monday, May 17th, 2021. The VWGRCLite requires CATIA V5-6R2020 SP03 HF09. The productive use of the VWGRCLite 9.2. more...