VWGRCLite: important changes

Dec 5, 2015

For the generation of reference points, the use of the RPS tool is compulsory. RPS is included in the VWGRCLite base package.
Any use of VEM must be clarified with the responsible department.
With the VWGRCLite 5.4.1 new standards were implemented. The new standards are released by Volkswagen. Inform yourself about the current standards in system “Online Standards” (ONNO) in VWGroupSupply.
The VW standards VW 01014, VW 01055 and VW 01059 are available on the ServiceNet until December 31, 2015.
Validity of the Validat V5 version
With the GRC 5.4.0 (on November 9, 2015), the Validat V5 version 3.1.x is used for production. The Validat V5 version 3.0.x is only tolerated until January 3, 2016.