Switch to Group Reference CATIA (GRC) is done

May 9, 2018

For Volkswagen development partners
The Volkswagen Group has made the switch to Group Reference CATIA (GRC) With the GRC, the VWGRCLite was also released for use by development partners. The Volkswagen-internal use of the GRC began on 9th April 2018.
VWGRCLite is available in T-Systems ServiceNet since 04.26.2018.
CATIA version V5-6 R2016 SP03 HF42 remains unchanged.
The VWGRCLite does not have to be activated immediately. It is however necessary to switch until May the 31th, 2018.
Validity of the Validat version:
With the GRC the Validat version 6.0.8 is used productively.
The old Validat version 6.0.4 is still valid for a transitional period until 05.31.2018.
The support for VWGRCLite ends with the release of the new VWGRCLite version
You can find detailed information to the VWGRCLite at the T-Systems ServiceNet on: (English) respectively (German) 
VWGRCLite software on: (English) respectively
The project agreements about terms of reference, rules and specifications as well as the system environment (VWGRCLite) are still valid.