Rollout of FlexNet 11.19.2 for VWGRCLite

Dec 7, 2022

This information only applies to you if  you use VWGRCLite floating licenses.
Volkswagen AG has released a new version of the FlexNet license manager, to be used with VWGRCLite floating licenses. 
The packages can be downloaded from the T-Systems ServiceNet on December 09, 2022.
The software can be found at: (English)
respectively (German).
Please install the version as soon as possible, but no later than the release of VWGRCLite 10. VWGRCLite 10 will require FlexNet 11.19.2. 
Your current VWGRCLite FlexNet licenses can still be used.
The project agreements about terms of reference, rules and specifications as well as the system environment (VWGRCLite) are still valid.
Please share this information with your colleagues.