New VWGRCLite Base package (Version available

Jun 11, 2021

A new VWGRCLite Base package (version is available.
The new base package contains a correction (VW-ID 36129) for the VALIDAT profile VWG_DMU_ELX.xml, which is used for electrical/VOBES projects.
For the electrical/VOBES projects an immediate installation is recommended.
All other projects should perform the update as soon as possible in a suitable project phase.

Due to an error in the VWGRCLite Web-Installer, an outdated VWGRCLite environment ( or older) won’t be detected. Therefore, the Web-Installer won’t display a message to hint for the new version.
Please uninstall the existing VWGRCLite-TREEs completely, before installing the new base package. Keep in mind that operating different base packages at the same time is not supported in case of an error.