Important information about VWGRCLite Web-Installer rollout

Dec 12, 2019

The rollout of the Volkswagen VWGRCLite Web-Installer is scheduled for January 6, 2020. The VWGRCLite Web-Installer will support you in obtaining the VWGRCLite packages and in setting up the VWGRCLite environment on the end user system. It is a locally executed application that dynamically downloads the packages required to configure the VWGRCLite environment from the VWGRCLite ServiceNet and optionally installs them on the target system.
In order to be able to use the VWGRCLite Web-Installer, you need a user account for the VWGRCLite ServiceNet.
The current provision of the VWGRCLite packages on the VWGRCLite-ServiceNet will continue in parallel during a planned transition period of 6 weeks. According to this, VWGRCLite packages can only be obtained using the VWGRCLite Web-Installer.

The guidelines, rules and specifications communicated in the project and the agreements on the system environment (VWGRCLite) continue to apply.

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