Important Information about VWGRCLite 7.1.x Rollout

Jan 21, 2019

Volkswagen is expected to release a new version of the Group Reference CATIA (GRC) 7.1.x in mid-May 2019. The GRC 7.1.x also provides the VWGRCLite 7.1.x for use by development partners. The Volkswagen internal use of the GRC 7.1.x is expected to start in the CW20.
With the GRC 7.1.x CATIA V5-6 R2018 SP03 is provided internally. For the VWGRCLite 7.1.x the identical CATIA version will be released.
The productive use of the VWGRCLite 7.1.x at the partner companies must take place at the same time as the GRC goes live at Volkswagen. There will be no transition period for the use of the VWGRCLite at the partner companies!
At a later date you will be informed about the exact release date.