GRC 4.5.0 and VWGRCLite released at Volkswagen

Nov 27, 2013

The Volkswagen CAD System Management has released the Volkswagen Group Reference CATIA (GRC) 4.5.0. On December 9th 2013 VOLKSWAGEN gradually started the internal rollout of the GRC 4.5.0. With the GRC 4.5.0 also the VWGRCLite has been released for use by the development partners.
Hint: The ServiceNet provides only the latest release state of the VWGRCLite. Possible error scenarios can only be accepted at the support, if they have strictly an up-to-date installation as its basis.
Notice on the old Volkswagen partner package process
The announced cessation of the old Volkswagen partner package (since GRC 4.3.0) is now done with GRC 4.5.0.
Please use the VWGRCLite!
VWGRCLite Packages
If you want to install the VWGRCLite, please use the provided software and documentation provided in the section Downloads.
Since there may be updates of single packages, please check the following table, whether your installation corresponds to the current release status!
VWGRCLite PackageVersion
Base Package4.5.0.4
VW Brand1.0.0.3
VW / Audi Electric1.0.3.0
VW Test Equipment Construction1.1.0.0
Audi Brand1.0.1.0
Skoda Brand1.0.1.2
Skoda RD1.0.1.2
Skoda Toolshop1.0.1.2
Skoda Electric1.0.1.2
SEAT Brand1.0.0.2
DoLittle V51.
VWGRCLite Applications
The VWGRCLite uses the same application versions as they are used internally by Volkswagen.
Containing packageApplicationVersion
Base Package

KVS PlugIn4.6.4



N3O (Library)2.5.9



VW / Audi Electric

DoLittle V51.6.3
Validity of the Validat V5 version
With the GRC 4.5.0 (on December 9th 2013), the Validat V5 version 2.6.x is used for production.
The Validat V5 version 2.5.x is further allowed for a transition period up to February 14th 2014 and will be set invalid afterwards.
Proclamation platform sundown
With the GRC 4.5.0 the operating systems Windows XP and AIX 64 bit will not be supported anymore. Windows 7 64 bit will remain as the only supported operating system.
VX1 and the Dassault Systèmes License Server (DSLS)
The switch-over to the Dassault Systèmes license manager DSLS is possible from the VWGRCLite with CATIA V5 R19 SP09 HF106.
You can retrieve the DSLS software from Dassault Systèmes S.A.:
It is possible to keep providing the CATIA V5 VX1 licenses as IBM LUM licenses during a transition period. After this period DSLS licenses will be provided exclusively.