DoLittle available. Important: change of authorization

Jun 23, 2021

The new DoLittle version package is available. The package can be downloaded and installed using the Web-Installer.
For companies with DoLittle users, a timely update to DoLittle is recommended.
There will be a new authorization process for the DoLittle VWGRCLite application. You have already been informed about this on 2020-10-28. In addition, we asked you to request a personalized user ID with DoLittle access rights for every single DoLittle user. Unfortunately, the implementation of the new authorization process took more time than we initially anticipated due to the Corona Pandemic.
DoLittle version supports the current and the future login procedure.
The following is currently planned by the Volkswagen AG:
Exclusive use of DoLittle with the new login procedure as of 2021-09-01.
Instructions for using the new registration process can be downloaded from the DoLittle page.

Please check whether your DoLittle users have the required access rights. To do so, go the following website:
Testing the authorization is currently possible via user ID/password or Group ID/PIN + token. The use of the PKI card is not yet possible but currently in preparation.
If your authorization is successful, you will have access to a test website, where you can download the DoLittle manuals.

If the test fails although the user already has the new access rights, please contact the Volkswagen AG Enterprise Helpdesk (EHDD) via phone +49-5361-9-33000 or e-mail Please ask them to check the DoLittle authorization.
If you still need access rights for some users, you will find a onboarding-document provided by the Volkswagen AG which summarizes the authorization process.
If you have any further questions concerning the authorization process, please contact the Volkswagen AG Enterprise Helpdesk (EHDD) via phone +49-5361-9-33000 or e-mail