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Important information about VWGRCLite ServiceNet access
Mar 3, 2023
All accounts for the VWGRCLite ServiceNet have been deactivated for which the password has not been changed in the last 2 years. If you still need your account, please send an email to with the subject "VWGRCLite ServiceNet Account Still Needed". more...
Update Key User Test VWGRCLite 10
Feb 16, 2023
The Key User Test will be extended until February 24th, 2023. The latest return of your test results is February 24th, 2023. In order not to lose any time, it is still important that you send us also your existing test results for the old key user packages, if available. New/updated VWGRCLite CATIA  environment:  The suitable CATIA version ... more...
Microsoft Windows Win 10 Version 21H2
Feb 7, 2023
Microsoft Windows 10 version 21H2 64-bit Enterprise Edition is now released for VWGRCLite  VWGRCLite incidents based on Microsoft Windows 10 Version 20H2 64-bit Enterprise Edition are only accepted till 03/31/2023. More Details see VWGRCLite Base page. more...
Information about start of the VWGRCLite 10 key user test
Dec 8, 2022
We thank all participants of the key user test VWGRCLite 10. From the 12th of December 2022 the first VWGRCLite 10 packages will be available for testing in the VWGRCLite ServiceNet under: (only available in English). Please also read the provided information on this page. A special access authorization is ... more...
Rollout of FlexNet 11.19.2 for VWGRCLite
Dec 7, 2022
This information only applies to you if you  use VWGRCLite floating licenses. Volkswagen AG has released a new version of the FlexNet license manager, to be used with VWGRCLite floating licenses.  The packages can be downloaded from the T-Systems ServiceNet on December 09, 2022. The software can be found at:  ... more...