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Fixed - Disturbance in the Dolittle database
Sep 3, 2020
The bug in the Dolittle database has been fixed. more...
Disturbance in the Dolittle database
Sep 2, 2020
At present, there is a disturbance in the Dolittle database. Currently working on the solution. more...
New VW, AUDI and Skoda electric packages available
Aug 5, 2020
Since 08/05/2020 there are new VW, AUDI and Skoda electric packages (version available. The innovation in these electric packages is the EE_Toolbar 3.0.1. For the electrical projects a timely installation in a suitable project phase is recommended. more...
NEW at ServiceNet - our VWGRCLite Online Help
Jun 22, 2020
We have extended our service offer for you. You can reach our new VWGRCLite Online Help at our ServiceNet under the following link: https://vwgroup.t-systems.com/help In case of problems and questions, you can search for solutions and answers in the VWGRCLite Online Help. You can research on the following topics:Licenses, orders, ... more...
New BoM2KSL package version available
Jun 22, 2020
For VWGRCLite the new BoM2KSL package (version is available at the ServiceNet since 06/22/2020. More details on changes can be found in the BoM2KSL Release Notes. General: The VWGRCLite Web-Installer must be used to download the packages. Optionally, the Web-Installer can also assist you with the installation, ... more...