ELENA 2.7.0 Build 12 available

Aug 17, 2018

The ELENA Version 2.8.0 b09 has been released. This verison may now be used in productive environments in coordination with the respective vehicle projects and the VOBES project office.
The ELENA Version 2.8.0 b09 has been released.
The CATIA Component VWGElena distributed with GRC Lite was not uptdated and contains an older version ELENA. This version of ELENA may not be used in standalone mode.
The CATIA Component VWGElena will be updated with a new GRC Lite release in Fall 2018.
  1. VWGElena V2.6.0 is designed to be used with CATIA V5 R26 only.
  2. Applying the “Fuses and Relays” functionality leads to the generation of data in the KBL2.4 SR-1 format. Thus, the usage of this functionality must be coordinated within each vehicle project.
  3. The IC-Code functionality may be used by the brand Porsche exclusively. The respective settings must be kept “deactivated” for vehicle projects of any other brand.