Set Special Applications Rental / Year
License TypeRental / Year (€)Rental / Year additional license (€)Rental / Year additional server (€)
Floating500,00300,00 1)-
Site2.000,00-600,00 2)
Corporate ...

... up to 5 sites 3)3.000,00-800,00
... up to 10 sites 3)5.000,00-1.000,00
... up to 30 sites 3)10.000,00-2.000,00
... more than 30 sites 3)15.000,00-3.000,00
Support Package 4)400,00--
Information regarding the licensing terms can be found on the page  Ordering process.
1) applies to identical CPU-ID, only
2) applies to locations within the same country, only
3) Specify the sites in the form field Customer addendum.​​​​​​​
4) The support package is mandatory for new customers

Ordering process

Set contents
The following applications are currently available as special applications:
  • Netline V5* (Base Package)
  • FtaCaptureAid (3DZP Package)
  • VWGVarTool
  • VWGPrintframes
  • VWGSpiegelteilMakro (VW Chassis Package)
  • VWGBendTables
  • VWGVZStempel
  • VWNSectionMe
  • VWNKonstruktionsassistent
  • VWGWRL**
You can find short descriptions for those applications here.
You can choose up to 5 of the applications in any combination for a set of 5 floating licenses. Each additional set may contain another 5 floating licenses in any combination.
Site licenses contain up to 999 floating licenses for any combination of the applications above. The VWGRCLite customer defines the required number of application licenses up to a maximum of 999 licenses. Additional site license sets may be composed differently.
It is not required to order the Engineering Package, the Standard Package or any other VWGRCLite application in order to use any special application from this set.
When ordering applications marked with * VWGRCLite licenses will be included in the license file.
Applications marked with ** require an individual approval by Volkswagen to be ordered. Please include the approval confirmation issued by the Volkswagen department commissioning you with your order (an e-mail with the respective contact person of the department).
For price information on the set combination you desire, please contact by e-mail with the subject "Price information Set Special Applications".