Ordering Process

T-Systems order process

You can create the proposal for your own, by filling out the corresponding contract (see below). Hereby you will receive a binding price information from us. This is not an internet order process. 
The rights of use shall be based on the information set forth under Item 6 of T-Systems' General Terms and Conditions. During the applicable term, the software may only be used on the systems that are named when ordering for the customer's own internal use and only for the purpose of fulfilling orders for the manufacturer Volkswagen AG or orders of Volkswagen's subsidiaries (§15 of the German Stock Corporation Act).
  1. In the navigation menu under License Order > VWGRCLite Applications you find the order pages of the respective VW CA application. After choosing the desired product the order tool will be displayed. As a new customer, please enter your contact person in the Volkswagen Group and the project in the Volkswagen Group for which you work in the field "Customer addendum".
  2. After entering all data, click the button Check data.
  3. If necessary, correct the entries marked in red.
  4. Click the button Generate contract.
  5. You will receive the contract via e-mail.
  6. Check the contract data and sign the contract.
  7. Send the contract via fax to our fax number +49 391 580 248 942 or via e-mail to cax-service@t-systems.com.
  8. New customers only receive the license after the specified contact person in the Volkswagen Group has confirmed your project order.
The use of CATIA V5 applications of the Volkswagen Group is only allowed for projects of the corporation. 
  • T-Systems provides the applications for an annual fee for disposal. This includes: 
  • extradition of software and manuals by download from these internet pages, 
  • extradition of the license files per email, 
  • telephone support to contractual issues (max. 1h) 
  • recordings of Incidents and routing of verified problem to Volkswagen 
  • delivery of the solution to the customer in case of warranty
The annual service charge (plus value-added tax) depends on kind and number of ordered licenses as shown in the price tables on the respectives order pages of the applications.
Licensing is restricted respectively to one place of use with Nodelocked or Floating licenses. A place of use is defined by the  business premises at the postal address stated in the contract form.
Nodelocked licenses
Nodelocked licenses are issued to a certain physically workstation. The usage is restricted to that physically machine. The quantity of concurrent license users is 1.
Floating licenses
Floating licenses are issued to 1 physically license server or 3 physically license servers (triad). They are not restricted to a certain workstation. The quantity of concurrent users is determined by the quantity of ordered licenses. An Initial Floating license is a Floating license of a CA application with 1 user on 1 physically license server or a physically triad at 1 place of use. An Additional Floating license is an additional license to the Initial Floating license of a CA application on the same physically license server or physically triad at the same place of use (same CPU-ID).
Site licenses
Site licenses are Floating licenses. The provided license file will contain 999 Floating licenses.
Corporate licenses
Corporate licenses are Floating licenses. The provided license file will contain 999 Floating licenses. The use of Corporate licenses is not limited to one site, but to the number of sites specified on the order form.

In the event of an infringement of the license agreement, no support will be provided.

Except for nodelocked licenses, the FlexNet License Manager is required for all licenses.
The Volkswagen released FlexNet software and documentation is provided on the FlexNet ServiceNet page. The documentation also contains information about Nodelocked licenses.
T-Systems provides a support package for your current license period based on the CATIA V5-6 environment of the brand Volkswagen. This allows you or your ICT to retrieve support services when facing problems.
You can order a support package for €400 directly when ordering a license. For new customers the order of the support package is mandatory. Orders of new customers without a support package will not be processed!
The support package contains the following services:
  • Support for the installation of VWGRCLite via e-mail or at the discretion of T-Systems via the telephone (up to a maximum of 4 hours of support per contract year).
  • Change of licenses for technical reasons permitted once per contract year.
If you as a regular customer wish to order the support package during your current license period the current license must be renewed by 1 year as well. The remaining time of the old license will be credited against.
T-Systems provides a premium contract support for €200 excl. VAT.
The premium contract support contains the following services:
  • Contract related consulting by our consultants – maximum of 1 hour
  • Determination and recording of the necessary machine data
  • Creating and sending of the contract form via e-mail
  • If necessary login to the company-owned order tool
This premium contract support applies to the following products:
  • BoM2KSL
  • CADGlyph
  • DoLittle
  • Engineering Package
  • Standard Package
  • Validat Basis / Professional
  • VWMetho (as well as ARBRICH, FLAN and SURPRESS)
Belated license switches will be charged with a fee of €195 (net). To order a license switch please use the switch form at the bottom of this page. The form must be signed and then sent to our fax number +49 391 580248942. The charge is calculated per fax. One fax can contain multiple licenses in one switch order.
If you already have a license which you wish to expand with another license of the same product please proceed as following:
Please order the new number of licenses for 1 year (incl. the existing licenses!) and note on the contract that the existing licenses should be credited against.
You received a Validat Basis Floating license with contract period going from 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2011. In march you decide to order another Validat Basis Floating license. You will now have to order 2 Validat Basis Floating licenses with the note that the existing Validat Basis Floating license should be credited against the order price.
The VX1 license is a CATIA V5-6 license. With the VX1 software plus license, Volkswagen extends the range of functions of the CATIA V5-6 PX1 product, i.e. the VX1 license requires a PX1 license and is otherwise not usable (not granted).
The VX1 license together with the PX1 license offers additional functions for special Volkswagen applications (NTool, KVS PlugIn, LTA, RPS and Validat Professional). Further information on the VX1/PX1 license can be found in the frequently asked questions (FAQ).
The VX1 license is provided royalty-free for use with VWGRCLite. When ordering licenses for the VWGRCLite applications, the information about the VX1 license order is also requested where it is relevant.
VWGRCLite-Service do only the logistical service for the VX1 license, there is no further support.
The PX1 license is subject to a fee and is not sold via VWGRCLite-Service (ask your CATIA sales partner).
No "Emergency Key Procedure" has been agreed between VWGRCLite-Service and Volkswagen for the VX1 licenses.
A processing fee is charged for changes to VX1 licenses.