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A tax residence certificate is a confirmation of the German tax authority that the Deutsche Telekom entity is resident for tax purposes in Germany and can therefore apply the Tax Treaty for Avoidance of Double Taxation (Tax Treaty) between Germany and the respective other state and can claim the provisions of the Tax Treaty.
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form: 10F und non PE declaration for T-Systems International GmbH
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T-Systems_transaction_tax_2017 Feb 21, 2017 2.1 298 KB T-Systems_transaction_tax_2017
T-Systems_form_10f_2017 Feb 21, 2017 1.1 358 KB T-Systems_form_10f_2017
ASB_TSI_To_Whom_it_may_concern.pdf Apr 1, 2019 -- 572 KB ASB_TSI_To_Whom_it_may_concern.pdf