CATIA V5 VX1 Software

CATIA V5 VX1 software

Software for the usage of a VX1 license.
On this page the software for the usage of a VX1 license is provided. A user log in is not necessary. After installation of the software, the VX1 license can be used in CATIA V5.
The licensing of the application is realized with DSLS. Dassault needs to know the DSLS ID of the license server to create the license. The following link provides a tool to obtain the DSLS ID: (at LICENSE KEY TOOLS)
Please note: The use of CATIA V5 Applications of the Volkswagen Group is only allowed for projects of the corporation. 

VX1 software

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Name Description Date Version Size Mar 28, 2019 V5-6R2018 347 MB

VX1 software forms

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Name Description Date Version Size
VX1-order-form.doc Oct 21, 2014 3.0 52 KB VX1-order-form.doc Oct 22, 2014 6.0 98 KB


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